Life and Group Benefits Consultant John Paul Jamison joined BHC Insurance in March 1999. We had a few questions for him as he celebrates 20 years with the agency. 

How did you get your start at BHC? I was working in the insurance field and planning on moving to Florida to run an office for the company I worked for at the time. I knew BHC President Marty Clark from college. We started talking and I decided to stay in Fort Smith and start working at BHC.

What has changed the most in 20 years of working in the insurance industry? The passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) really changed the landscape of group benefits in general. The ACA created a lot of consolidation in the entire medical insurance market. In the old days, we discussed what copay the client wanted. Now we discuss HR, compliance, technology, enrollment support, alternative funding, and the constant changes in the market. It’s made our jobs much more complicated but also rewarding. We are much more engaged with our clients. It’s not about just being a vendor, you really need to be an extension of their HR department and a true partner.

What traits are you proud to be able to offer your customers? Integrity and honesty. I’m honest to a fault, it’s the way I was raised. I find it hard not to let people know what I really think. In the long run it’s the best way for everyone to know if they are getting what they need. Healthcare cost is one of the top five expenses for business owners. They need to know they are getting the best value for what they are paying.

What are some of your favorite “words to live by”? I love the phrase, “for every setback there is a comeback”. I’ve had a lot of setbacks in my life and I always try to come back fighting and be better.

What do you see yourself doing 20 years from now? I really hope I’m retired in 20 years. I think the industry will look much different than it is today, just like it was much different from when I started 20 years ago.