Part of being a safe driver is preparing for any situation you could encounter on the road, but in a worst-case scenario, you need to ensure you have some essential equipment.

Emergency roadside kits should include all of the items you need to make a quick repair to your vehicle, perform first aid and protect yourself and passengers from the elements. Make sure to include these items in your kit:

  • Jumper cables, road flares, a tire pressure gauge and tire inflator
  • Antifreeze, washer fluid and an ice scraper
  • A tool kit with a flathead screwdriver, pliers, wrench and vice grips
  • A flashlight, radio and extra batteries
  • A first-aid kit equipped with bandages, antiseptic wipes, pain relievers, gauze, adhesive tape, and instant ice and heat packs
  • Nonperishable energy bars and bottled water
  • Blankets and extra outwear, such as hats and gloves