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Benefits Breakdown February 2023

The Trendiest Benefits for 2023 There’s no denying that employees’ needs have changed in recent years. As such, employers should consider offering benefits to meet evolving worker needs shaped by the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, a tight labor market and rising inflation. In 2023, many workers are now

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Workplace Wellness Trends to Watch in 2023

4 Employee Wellness Trends to Watch in 2023 Workplace well-being transforms every day, so employers’ wellness initiatives will continue to grow this year. All signs indicate that employee well-being will become a primary focus for employers in 2023. And in a general sense, many organizations will have a renewed focus

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Ice hangs from roof of home

Winter Storms & Extreme Cold

While the amount of danger from winter weather varies across the country, nearly all Americans are likely to face some degree of severe winter weather throughout their lives. Winter storms can range from moderate snow over the course of a few hours to a blinding blizzard that lasts for several

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Just Moved? Remember to Update Your Address

Here are some tips for updating your home address after you move: Be sure to tell your insurance agent and insurance company about your move. This information is vital to ensure your insurance policies are up-to-date. Additionally, depending on the location and characteristics of your new home, informing your insurer

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Reducing Winter Utility Bills

Though it may be tempting to simply lower the temperature on a thermostat, there are several ways to lower your utility bill while staying warm and cozy. Consider these tips to reduce your monthly utility bills in the winter. Look for and seal any areas where heat may be escaping

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