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Tips for Filing an Insurance Claim

Tips for Filing an Insurance Claim

Accidents and natural disasters can strike without warning, causing
costly damage to your home, vehicles and personal belongings. When this happens,
you will have to file an insurance claim in order for your policy to kick in
and recoup your losses.

In order to get the most out of the claims process, consider the
following tips:

  • Call your insurer as soon as
    an incident occurs. The quicker you get the process moving, the better.
    After you’ve contacted your insurer, you can ask an adjuster to come and
    inspect the damage.
  • Document your losses before
    the adjuster comes. Make a thorough list of property that has been
    impacted by a disaster. Provide purchase receipts, or estimate how much
    the belongings cost and when you bought them.
  • Take photographs of the
    accident scene, and don’t throw out damaged items before notifying your

Above all, it’s important to document the claims process, noting when you speak with your insurers and what the conversations entailed. This will help you track the amount of reimbursement you should receive and allow you to keep a record of insurance claims for future use.

If you’re a BHC customer, be sure to contact us with your claim right away. We’re standing by to help. 

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