Regardless of the vehicle you drive, there are many ways to save money on gas. Try these tips to cut costs:

  • Join a gas station rewards program. Most gas station chains offer discounted gas prices through a customer rewards program or credit card tied to the chain. If you choose the card, use it solely for gas purchases and pay off the balance each month to maximize the rewards.
  • Use a gas price comparison tool. Use one of the many websites or apps available to check gas prices at stations near you, and choose the lowest priced station for your gas.
  • Keep your car tires properly inflated. Tires that are underinflated by 20% can increase your gas consumption by 10%.
  • Stop using premium gas unless required. The majority of today’s cars run well on regular or midgrade gas. If your car requires premium gas, you must use it to avoid damage to your engine. However, if it’s recommended, then experiment with lower grades to save money.
  • Watch your speed. You may get to your destination faster by speeding, but you’re also burning more gas.
  • Follow the right routes. A mapping app can help you determine the most efficient route to your location, saving you time and gas money.