The holidays can be a major source of stress for many Americans. Top holiday stressors include staying on a budget, managing multiple commitments and finding the perfect gifts. And if COVID-19 transmission is high in your community, you may also be feeling worried about you and your loved ones’ health. Consider the following coping mechanisms to help reduce your holiday stress:

  • Get organized. Finalize your plans—including gatherings, shopping days, family pictures and baking days—and put them on the calendar. If you haven’t already, get started on compiling wish lists and shopping lists.
  • Keep up healthy habits. Try to do something active every day, keep healthy snacks on hand, limit alcohol use and get at least seven hours of sleep each night. Remember to take time for yourself as well.
  • Don’t say “yes” to everything. Choose a handful of meaningful activities or events and skip the rest. It’s important not to stretch yourself too thin or commit to gatherings you’re not comfortable with amid the pandemic.
  • Stick to a budget. If you’re stressed about how your holiday spending will impact you after the celebrations are over, you’re not alone. Remember, the sentiment of a gift is much more important than the cost. Set a realistic budget and don’t exceed it.

Don’t let stress get in the way of enjoying your holiday season.