Here are some tips for updating your home address after you move:

  • Be sure to tell your insurance agent and insurance company about your move. This information is vital to ensure your insurance policies are up-to-date. Additionally, depending on the location and characteristics of your new home, informing your insurer of your updated address could even result in lowered premium costs or newly available forms of coverage.
  • Notify all applicable local, state and federal agencies of your new address (e.g., post office, the Department of Motor Vehicles, the IRS).
  • Inform financial institutions and advisors of your new address (e.g., credit card institutions, 401k administrators).
  • Tell all of your care providers (e.g., doctor, dentist, veterinarian and child care) and any memberships or clubs your family is a part of.
  • Inform all utility providers (e.g., gas, electricity, water, garbage, phone, television and internet) to avoid paying for services at your previous residences.
  • Notify any subscription or residential services of your new address (e.g., magazine or newspaper subscriptions, home maintenance services, security services, cleaning services).
  • Update your voter registration.

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