Don’t be fooled, hackers aren’t just targeting big health insurance companies and retail stores these days. They’re wreaking havoc in businesses large and small. You can protect your company from losing everything to a data breach with a cyber liability policy. Kirby Cockrum of BHC Insurance tells us more …

Who’s at risk?

Virtually all businesses. The cyber threat can affect even small business owners that don’t keep credit card information on file. They most likely have employee records or a list of customer names and addresses stored in their computer. It only takes a few items to be compromised to force your business to let customers know someone got into your database. It’s  process that can be quite costly.

How do you minimize your cyber risk?

You need good protection in place. First of all,  systems to protect your data like firewalls, security systems and anti-virus software. Next you need a good cyber liability policy that will help you respond in the event of a breach. The policy will give you access to an information technology specialist who can help determine how you were hacked. It will also cover the costs associated with things like notifying customers who were hacked and offering them credit monitoring.

Cyber liability is a unique exposure that didn’t exist until about a decade ago but now it’s the fastest rising crime seen in the insurance industry. BHC Insurance can work with you to identify your risks and make sure you’re properly covered if a hacker strikes. For more information contact or call 479.452.4000.