At BHC Insurance, our job is to protect what you hold dear. Things like businesses, homes, cars, belongings. It’s work we’re proud to do because it lets our community rest easy. This month, we recognize some other professionals who protect our assets every day – teachers.

We took to Facebook to ask people to nominate area educators who go above-and-beyond. You told us heartwarming stories of teachers who are making an amazing impact on the lives of children every day. We’ve awarded ten of them $200 gift cards to help offset their classroom costs. Call it just a little “insurance” to help them continue giving students a bright future. We’re thankful for all they do.

Here’s a list of our ten winners along with a quote from someone who nominated them. Read on and be inspired!


Christine Staggs/Elza Tucker Elementary/Rogers, AR
“She’s an awesome teacher! She’s very patient with the kids and goes the distance to help them learn things when they’re having trouble understanding something. She doesn’t give up on them. She keeps at it trying different ways of teaching it to them until they understand it. I’m very thankful to have her as my child’s 3rd grade teacher this year.”

Ryan Schacht/Garfield Elementary/Garfield, AR
“He is very down to earth and you can tell he is excited to teach. He manages to meet individual needs and goal while keeping the whole class on track. He is one with the kids but still is the adult.”

Sara Sawyer/Fayetteville College Preparatory/Fayetteville, AR
“She donates ALL of her time to teach eight high-school aged homeschool girls. Active teaching days are Mon/Wed/Fri and she spends all of her time on Tue/Thur planning. She teaches all subjects, and works to bring them all together with common themes and experiences. She uses real-world examples when she can, and makes sure that the students understand *why* they are being taught the specific information.”

Joanne York/St. Vincent de Paul/Rogers, AR
“She has taught both of my boys, who couldn’t be more different, and they both love her. She is creative and very patient and calm. It is obvious that she really likes the children and truly enjoys teaching!”

Jessica Hartman/Decatur schools/Decatur, AR
“Jessica goes above and beyond the title of teacher. She works hard to become an important person in the lives of her students. They know they can depend on her at all times.”


Lisa MacDonald-Rogers/Tate Elementary/Van Buren, AR
“Lisa has and will always go above and beyond the needs for every individual student. If students are having a hard time whether it be personal or in the classroom I have seen her help these students in any way possible. She takes her time to fully understand her students for example… What clicks for one student may not for another but she will find a way that clicks for that said student in learning. She also loves to have fun, cut up, tell jokes and laughs with her students. There are many more reasons I could nominate her but just know she loves and prays for her students as if they were her own. She’s a phenomenal teacher!”

Laura York/Orr Elementary/Fort Smith, AR
“She had all three of my children. Two were special needs and she went out of her way to help them all equally. She was a godsend for my son who’s autistic. Wonderful woman and an even more amazing educator.”

Kirby Key/Northside High School, Geometry/Fort Smith, AR                                                                         “She is a young, new teacher and spends a lot of her own resources on supplies and materials for her students. And she also manages to make math fun and interesting, which is a HUGE reason to be thankful for her!”

Amanda Allen/Sunnymede Elementary/Fort Smith, AR:
“I am thankful for a teacher like her who shows so much love to “her kids” as she calls them. She goes many extra miles to personally be involved in her kids lives-attending games, cheering performances, concerts and others. If a student has no one to help with science projects, she will take her off time and hunt projects these students can do by themselves. Her professors, mentors and colleagues have said she was born with a’teacher’s heart.'”

Jessica Gillingham/Alma School District/Alma, AR
“Ms. Gillingham goes out of her way to recognize each students strengths and build them up. My daughter struggled with social interactions but loves to help others. Ms. Gillingham found ways to gently encourage her to be more social, paired her with other students who needed help, and over the course of the year, helped shape her into a leader in her class. I could not be more thankful for her and all she does each and every day for each and every student.”