Vehicle recall notices are common. These notices are usually either safety- or manufacturer-related. A recall notice should explain what aspect of the vehicle needs to be fixed and how to get it done, the availability of the repair and how long it should take, and how to contact the vehicle manufacturer. If you decide to ignore a vehicle recall, you may be putting your vehicle, yourself and your passengers at risk.

Manufacturers have three options for correcting a recall problem:

  1. Repair: The vehicle or part is repaired by the manufacturer at no cost to you.
  2. Replacement: The manufacturer provides you with another identical vehicle or similar model, if the problem cannot be fixed.
  3. Refund: The manufacturer refunds the purchase price of your vehicle, minus the cost of depreciation.

Outstanding recalls on your vehicle can be found with your vehicle identification number (VIN). Simply go to your vehicle’s consumer website and enter your VIN to see any recall notices.

Do not panic if you get a recall notice. It simply means there is a necessary fix for your vehicle—and it is free of charge.

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