Many spring and summer storms are capable of producing hail, which can damage your home. Depending on the materials used to construct the different areas of your home, damage may not always be clearly visible. For example, roofs on residential homes can be produced with a variety of different materials. After a hailstorm, inspect your roof as much as possible while on the ground; only an expert should go on your roof to inspect damages. While inspecting, look for the following problems:
• Cracks or holes in the roof
• Dark spots that can appear on asphalt shingles
• Chips or cracks on slate shingles
• Damage to the roof’s underlying material if any shingles are missing

Storms that produce high winds are also capable of causing substantial damage to windows and window frames. Make sure that your home’s windows are free from the following:

• Cracks in the glass itself, as well as the window glazing
• Damage to the window frame that could compromise the strength of the rest of the window
• Ruptured window seals, which could let moisture or other elements into your home

Also check other parts of your home for damage, such as siding, architectural features and any vehicles parked outside.

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