Paxton joined BHC in October 2020 after graduating from Southern Methodist University with a degree in Finance and Real Estate.

What’s the best part of your job? The thing I enjoy most about working with clients is the ability to meet many different types of people, across a wide array of industries. I’m able to learn their stories and how they built and grew the company that they own. I can then work with them to craft an insurance program that is able to fit the needs of their business, and to ensure that what they have created is completely insulated from any threats that may come. I love that I have the honor to help protect not only businesses and their owners, but the futures of their employees and their families.

Tell us a little about you. Outside the office I enjoy tennis, hiking, reading and soon golf!

Need help with business or personal insurance?
Paxton Clark 

1626 Empire St.
Lowell, AR 72745